Song of Inferis

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Song of Inferis.png
Song of Inferis
Spellbook Crafted from Schematic
Luck 180
Faster Casting 1
Spell Damage Increase 10%
The Spine of Inferis

The Song of Inferis is a blaze hued spellbook with the stats shown at right. It is crafted from a schematic, the Spine of Inferis, dropped at a rate of 1% per person from Lady Inferis (thus the more people in on the fight, the higher the chance of a drop).

Needed to craft the spellbook are 8 scrolls:

  1. In valley low lies sleeping giant ~OP~
  2. Bathed in fire and flame ~HI~
  3. Within it's belly there lurks a worm ~DI~
  4. Of searing skin and name ~AN~
  5. The worm, she has a thousand young ~MA~
  6. Their skin angry and stark ~TRI~
  7. She'll rally her scaled armies forth ~AR~
  8. Unless you douse her spark ~CH~

The scrolls have hints regarding Inferis herself, and are found on any Ophidians throughout the land. Each contains a bit of the Song of Inferis, with seemingly random bold letters and a ~???~ code at the end.

Note that the 8th scroll has no bolded letter. Instead, if you scroll down on that scroll you'll find 88° 14'N 23° 7'W. The combined hints are as follows:

OPHIDIAN MATRIARCH (~???~) ILSHENAR (bolded letters) 88° 14'N 23° 7'W (coordinates of the volcano in central Ilshenar)

It was originally intended that characters discover Lady Inferis by finding the scrolls and piecing together the puzzle. The Spine and Song were built on top of those hint items as a way to kind of reward people who actually went about collecting all of them.