Book of Shadows

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Book of Shadows.png
Book of Shadows
Mana Increase 10
Mana Regeneration 2
Faster Casting 1
Lower Mana Cost 10%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%


The Book of Shadows is a custom spellbook on Alexandria.

Item Spawn Details

Spawns on Witchlings and Elder Witches
Witches spawn in the Ilshenar dungeon near the Valor shrine.
Drop Rate:
  • 1:1000 on Elder Witches
  • 1:5000 on Witchlings
Luck does not affect drop rate.
Each person who does enough damage to get looting rights gets a chance to receive the book.
The book drops directly into the pack of the player. It does not drop on the witch's corpse

Value and Usability

  • The book is primarily used by mage PvPers.
  • The book's value varies greatly; however recently it has been priced at about 2.5 million gold. As with all items, that amount will vary depending on supply and demand.