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This is a story of a merchant that I had heard. It was one of those good drunken night....

...I control 14 characers of which they do different task. I can control two at the most, but very taxing. One thing they all have in common, besides me working them to the bone, are to run and get me a bod (Buld Order Deed). Thankfully I can recover such precious deed when they perish on their safe journey. Safe maybe, but traveling outside of towns are fraught with dangerous creatures.

To continue on, I have sought the person giving the quest. To my surprise it was a rather laborious task. Being poor that I am, I could not pay for the ingredients of items he requested. So, I sought to have a Grandmaster Miner, a Grandmaster Lumberjack, a Fisher, a Blacksmith, a Tailor, a Carpenter, and a Bow Crafter. This is quite a task but thankfully the Fisher, Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter, and the Bow Crafter does not need to be a Grandmaster but at least of sufficient high level of skill. The higher the skill, the better their chances of crafting this object. I have heard that talismans assist in the success.

The story continues on a later day...


Meet with Rothbert the Equipment Collection in the Tithing Chamber above Luna Bank. He will give you a quest, "A Short Shopping List" requiring you to craft or otherwise provide 1-3 of four different fairly common ML items (Ancient Wild Staff, Magekiller Assassin Spike, etc). Your reward will be a schematic.


The schematic requires 75 Frostwood Boards, 100 Powder of Translocation, 1 Runic Hammer and 1 Runic Sewing Kit. To craft you must have at least 75 Carpentry. The BOD Mailbox created will have a "Crafted by" mark on it, and will be bound to the account of its creator. The account it's bound to is the one it will do link and player authorization checks on (eg if someone other than one of the creator's characters on any linked account opens it, it won't fetch BODs, but they can still view the contents assuming they have proper housing permissions to do so).

Bulk Order Mailbox

When locked down or secured, the crafter of this box can open it to find the BODs from all elligible characters on all linked accounts magically transported to the box. That means no more lengthy BOD runs or complicated login scripts to get your BODs. Open the box, sort through your "mail", and you're done.