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Lady Inferis is a fire-hued Ophidian Matriarch superchampion that spawns in the volcano in central Ilshenar. When she is spawned, all ophidians on the server take on a dark red hue as an indication that Inferis is alive. As a superchampion, she drops specialized artifact-level loot, and is tuned to require at least a full party to defeat her. The name "Inferis" essentially means "belonging to the underworld." [1]

Originally her existence was a secret, only revealed through several scrolls that contained a series of hints as to her location and nature. See Song of Inferis for details.


Inferis drops loot using a per-character, per-item roll, so the following are rolled for each looting damager:

The nature of drops in this case mean that the more players that are involved, the better the chances of one or more artifact drops.

Special Abilities

Inferis has several abilities, each one something that you need to pay attention to.

Polarize:Melee - Inferis turns Charcoal Gray and inflicts 50 damage to anyone who hits her with a melee attack for the duration of the polarization.

Polarize:Magic - Inferis turns Ice White and inflicts 50 damage to anyone who hits her with a magic spell for the duration of the polarization.

Feedback - Inferis turns a kind of dark orange and freezes in place. 3 seconds later she'll invoke an AOE spell with a radius of 7 tiles that will take 75% of a player's mana away and inflict it upon them as energy damage.

Spawn Young - Inferis spawns 4 lava serpents within a 4 tile radius.

Consume Young - Inferis will instantly consume all lava serpents within a 6 tile radius, and gain 3X the hit points of each consumed serpent.

Banish - Inferis may banish her highest damager to a random location near Ilshenar's Chaos moongate. This means that a few members of the party (# depending on their speed) may be out of rotation at any given point.


Pay Attention to Polarities

Charcoal = don't melee. White = don't cast spells.


Try to get her trapped in energy fields - she's a lot easier to fight when she's not zipping around the room clawing people's faces off. This also lets your ranged folks stay just out of range of her feedback attack so they have one less thing to worry about.

Dedicated Snake Killers

Do not allow Inferis to consume her young. Kill them off as soon as they're spawned, and you won't have any problems when she tries to heal by consuming them.

Proper Damage Type

Inferis is incredibly weak against cold. Use cold! Fire resist: 100%, Cold resist: 30%


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