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EasyUO v1.42 & 1.50_beta

Copyright © 2005 by Cheffe

Supported UO Clients: 5.0.0b, 5.0.0a, 4.0.11f, 4.0.11e, 4.0.11c, 4.0.11b, 4.0.11a, 4.0.10b, 4.0.10a, 4.0.9b, 4.0.9a, 4.0.8a, 4.0.7b, 4.0.7a, 4.0.6a, 4.0.5b, 4.0.5a, 4.0.4b, 4.0.4a, 4.0.3e, 4.0.3d, 4.0.3c, 4.0.3b, 4.0.3a, 4.0.2a, 4.0.1b, 4.0.0c, 3.0.0c, 2.0.3, 2.0.0

EasyUO is an unapproved third-party tool for the role playing game Ultima Online. Use it at your own risk! Please see the Disclaimer page for more information.

Other Contributions: "Tile" command by Deepgreen.

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