Shadowmail Set

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Shadowmail Set as a 5th tier of artifacts in AGS loot:

  • 4-piece set (chest/legs/gloves/arms), constructed via Schematics (Tinkering).
  • Full set grants a passive +10 int bonus versus interrogation attempts.
  • Full set can be double clicked every 10 minutes to invoke a 2-tile AOE Hit Lower Defense effect.
  • Schematics require starmetal ore, found on Starmetal elementals (see further down the log).
  • Schematics require shadowscales, found via the AGS system on a 50/50 shared spot with lacquers.
  • Schematics require darkweave, purchased in the AGS guild house for 50k, requires 50th percentile
  • Starmetal elementals can be found spread across the Lost Lands (T2A) in Fel (2x) and Tram. These hold Starmetal Ore, essential for crafting AGS schematics and other future items.