OC Morph Weapons

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  • Purchased from the respective OC Armsmaster
  • Can be purchased with a combination of OC Credits, and OC Victory Tokens
  • Each weapon starts as its base form, meaning no properties and/or morphs
  • Each weapon can be built for a fee, and have morphs applied...More on this later...
  • Character OC Rank will depend on the price of the weapon


  • Visit the OC Armsmaster to build the item
  • You will have an Imbuing like menu, however will not use noraml imbuing resources, rather OC Tokens and Credits
  • Special properties can be imbued that are otherwise unavailable as regular loot/imbuing, such as damage eaters, resonance, focus etc.
  • Each OC Rank has a ceiling for item budget, similar to max item weight while imbuing


  • Each weapon can have a certain amount(dependant on player rank) of morphs
  • Morphs enable the weapon to be automatically changed into the next morphed weapon type, with a slight swing speed reduction for the next swing
  • Morphs can be added by applying a morph deed to the weapon, providing it has available morphs to add
  • Morph types can only be applied to the same category of the base weapon type, ie swords, staffs, ranged, throwing etc