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Note: From EUO 1.5 Test version 53 and up Event SkillLock has been replaced by Exevent SkillLock. For compatibility, the obsolete Event is internally rerouted to the ExEvent.


chooseSkill {skill name} ["real"]


The chooseSkill command reads the skill value for the specified skill and places the value into the #skill system variable. The current lock status is placed in the #skillLock system variable and the current skill cap is placed in the #skillCap system variable.

The skill name is the first four characters of the actual skill name, with the exception of animal lore (ANIL) and stealth (STLT). See the list below for more info.


chooseSkill mage
if #skill < 700
msg You don't have enough magery $
26-Feb-2005 15:52 	#39
Here is a list of 4 letter codes for each skill as of February 2005. Listed by UO catagory and alphebetized.

Miscellaneous Skills
Alch - Alchemy
Blac - Blacksmithy
Bowc - Bowcraft Fletching
Bush - Bushido
Carp - Carpentry
Chiv - Chivalry
Cook - Cooking
Fish - Fishing
Focu - Focus
Heal - Healing
Herd - Herding
Lock - Lockpicking
Lumb - Lumberjacking
Mage - Magery
Medi - Meditation
Mini - Mining
Musi - Musicianship
Necr - Necromancy
Ninj - Ninjitsu
Remo - Remove Trap
Resi - Resisting Spells
Snoo - Snooping
Stea - Stealing
Stlt - Stealth
Tail - Tailoring
Tink - Tinkering
Vete - Veterinary

Combat Skills
Arch - Archery
Fenc - Fencing
Mace - Mace Fighting
Parr - Parrying
Swor - Swordsmanship
Tact - Tactics
Wres - Wrestling

Anim - Animal Taming
Begg - Begging
Camp - Camping
Dete - Detecting Hidden
Disc - Discordance
Hidi - Hiding
Insc - Inscription
Peac - Peacemaking
Pois - Poisoning
Prov - Provocation
Spir - Spirit Speak
Trac - Tracking

Lore & Knowledge
Anat - Anatomy
Anil - Animal Lore
Arms - Arms Lore
Eval - Evaluating Intelligence
Fore - Forensic Evaluation
Item - Item Identification
Tast - Taste Identification

See Also


  • Client commands are used to send information to the Ultima Online client in order to perform an action or effect some change.
chooseSkill Reads the current skill value/lock status for a specific skill
click Clicks at a specific position in the UO client
cmpPix Compares a current pixel to a previously saved pixel
contPos Moves the active topmost gump to a new position
deleteJournal Forgets the contents of the journal buffer
findItem Finds items, monsters, players, NPCs based on object ID or object type
getShopInfo Retrieves information from the client about the currently shown top entry on a shopping gump
getUOTitle Gets the text on the title bar of the client
hideItem Removes an items graphic from the client
ignoreItem Removes items from the list searched by findItem
key Sends a key-stroke to the client
move Moves the character to a specified location
msg Sends a string to the client as keystrokes
nextCPos Denotes where the next opened container/gump will open
onHotKey Performs a line of code if a specific key is pressed
savePix Saves the color of a pixel in a specified location
setShopItem Sets the number of items to purchase given by ID
setUOTitle Sets the text on the title bar of the client
scanJournal Scans the users journal and stores the string for examination
sleep Waits a specified amount of time
target Waits for a target cursor to appear
terminate Terminates the current client
uoXL Start/manage clients
wait Waits a specified amount of time