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Exevent SkillLock {[skill name] | [all]} {[up] | [down] | [locked]}


The Exevent SkillLock command changes the skill lock on the specified skill to either: up, down or locked. If you want to change the lock of all the skills as name use the keyword "all".

Note: This command is only available from EUO 1.5 Test version 53.


; changes magery to down
Exevent SkillLock mage down
; locks armlore
Exevent SkillLock arms locked
26-Feb-2005 15:52 	#39
Here is a list of 4 letter codes for each skill as of February 2005. Listed by UO catagory and alphebetized.

Miscellaneous Skills
Alch - Alchemy
Blac - Blacksmithy
Bowc - Bowcraft Fletching
Bush - Bushido
Carp - Carpentry
Chiv - Chivalry
Cook - Cooking
Fish - Fishing
Focu - Focus
Heal - Healing
Herd - Herding
Lock - Lockpicking
Lumb - Lumberjacking
Mage - Magery
Medi - Meditation
Mini - Mining
Musi - Musicianship
Necr - Necromancy
Ninj - Ninjitsu
Remo - Remove Trap
Resi - Resisting Spells
Snoo - Snooping
Stea - Stealing
Stlt - Stealth
Tail - Tailoring
Tink - Tinkering
Vete - Veterinary

Combat Skills
Arch - Archery
Fenc - Fencing
Mace - Mace Fighting
Parr - Parrying
Swor - Swordsmanship
Tact - Tactics
Wres - Wrestling

Anim - Animal Taming
Begg - Begging
Camp - Camping
Dete - Detecting Hidden
Disc - Discordance
Hidi - Hiding
Insc - Inscription
Peac - Peacemaking
Pois - Poisoning
Prov - Provocation
Spir - Spirit Speak
Trac - Tracking

Lore & Knowledge
Anat - Anatomy
Anil - Animal Lore
Arms - Arms Lore
Eval - Evaluating Intelligence
Fore - Forensic Evaluation
Item - Item Identification
Tast - Taste Identification

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  • ExEvent commands send packet information directly to the Ultima Online server in order to perform actions.
exevent Drag Drags an object using packets
exevent Dropc Drops an object in a given container using packets
exevent Droppd Drops wearable items into the paperdoll
exevent Dropg Drops an object on the ground using packets
exevent Popup Opens the context menu of an item/npc
exevent RenamePet Renames a pet
exevent SkillLock Changes the skill locks on the different skills
exevent StatLock Changes the stat locks on the different stats