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savePix {X-coordinate} {Y-coordinate} [number]


The savePix command saves the color value of the pixel given by the coordinate parameters into the memory slot given by the number parameter. saving the values into number parameter's is usefull when utilizing the cmpPix command. The last color read is also always saved to the #pixCol system variable.

Note: the UO client must be top most in order for savepix and #pixcol to work


; This will save the color on the screen where your cursor is into
; the number 1 pixel slot to be used with the cmpPix command.
savePix #cursorX #cursorY 1

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  • Client commands are used to send information to the Ultima Online client in order to perform an action or effect some change.
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savePix Saves the color of a pixel in a specified location
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