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ignoreItem [{Item ID} | {ID List} | {Item Type} | {Type List} | reset] {Numeric List}


ignoreItem will hide items from the findItem command. If an item ID or type is ignored then any further findItem commands will not find the item as long as the findItem command is used with a matching parameter.
If an item type is ignored and findItem is called using an ID then the item will be found even if the type of item found matches that which was previously ignored.


If an item ID or type is already ignored and ignoreItem is called to ignore it again the item ID or type will be removed from the ignore list even if the item is ignored in separate lists.
Example using a single pile of gold with a type of POF and ID of xxx
ignoreitem POF 1
; all gold is ignored
ignoreitem POF
; gold can be found again regardless of List number passed to previous command
finditem xxx
; search was done by ID, not type, so if the pile exists it will be found.
ignoreItem does support ignoring IDs and TYPEs in the same command.
You may pass the following parameters to ignoreItem:
  • Item ID: The unique ID of a single item
ignoreItem BWVOKMS
  • Item ID List: A list of 2 or more IDs joined by underscores
  • Item Type: The type of item, a variable common to all instances of an item. (All stacks of gold have an item type of POF, each stack has its own unique ID)
ignoreItem POF
  • Item Type List: A list of 2 or more item types joined by underscores
ignoreItem _POF_LKF_


The reset option will flush either all ignore item lists (global) or only a single list if the list option is passed
Example: flush list 2, but all other lists remain in tact
ignoreitem reset 2


Multiple ignore lists can be managed by specifying a list in the ignoreItem command.
Example using item type POF:
ignoreitem POF 2
This stores item type POF in the second ignoreItem list. It still won't show up in a findItem command, and the list can be managed/reset independently of other lists.


; IgnoreItem.txt
; This script will demonstrate how ignoreItem can be used.
; Press start, go to a shop and follow the instructions.

msg #SMC Use a dagger and target an NPC$
wait 3s
msg #SMC (Press play to continue)

set %npc1 #lTargetID

msg #SMC Use a dagger and target another NPC$
wait 3s
msg #SMC (Press play to continue)

set %npc2 #lTargetID

ignoreItem %npc1 1
ignoreItem %npc2 2

; Nothing will be found
findItem %npc1
msg #SMC 1: #findID $
findItem %npc2
msg #SMC 2: #findID $

ignoreItem reset 1

; NPC 1 will be found
findItem %npc1
msg #SMC 1: #findID $
findItem %npc2
msg #SMC 2: #findID $

ignoreItem %npc1 1
ignoreItem reset 2

; NPC 2 will be found
findItem %npc1
msg #SMC 1: #findID $
findItem %npc2
msg #SMC 2: #findID $

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See Also


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