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Exevent Dropg {x} {y} [z]


The Exevent Dropg command drops obects you drag using the Exevent Drag command to the given ground coordinate. If no Z coordinate is specified, the default will be #charPosZ.

  • This command is only available from EUO 1.5
  • You shouldn't use Event Drag in connection with Exevent Dropg command or you'll end up with a ghost item on your cursor. That's why there is an Exevent Drag command


finditem %trash C_ , #backpackid
if #FINDCNT > 0
	Exevent Drag #findid #findstack
	wait 10
	Exevent Dropg #charposx #charposy #charposz
	wait 10

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  • ExEvent commands send packet information directly to the Ultima Online server in order to perform actions.
exevent Drag Drags an object using packets
exevent Dropc Drops an object in a given container using packets
exevent Droppd Drops wearable items into the paperdoll
exevent Dropg Drops an object on the ground using packets
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