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Represents the time passed since 01/Jan/1980 UTC (it is timezone independant) in millisecond increments. It can be useful for timing and time calculations. it is also not affected by overflow issues or speedhack tools.


set %startTime #sysTime
for %testLoop 1 1000
  set %testCnt %testCnt + 1
set %endTime #sysTime - %startTime
Display ok time elapsed in milliseconds: , #spc , %endTime

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Miscellaneous Variables

  • These system variables are not easily categorized in any other category, and therefore are placed here.
#shard Returns which shard you are logged into
#date Returns the local date on your computer
#time Returns the local time on your computer
#sysTime Counts the number of milliseconds since 01/Jan/1980 UTC
#sCnt Timer in seconds since Windows boot
#sCnt2 Timer in tenths of seconds since Windows boot
#pixCol Returns the color of the pixel last saved with savePix
#cursorX Returns the x-coordinate of the cursor
#cursorY Returns the y-coordinate of the cursor
#random Holds a random number
#dispRes Returns button clicked in last call to display
#lShard Set the last shard of your choice
#osVer Returns the OS version
#euoVer Returns the current EasyUO version