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Sets the last shard of your choice.

The system variable #LShard is where the unique shard number for the last shard picked is stored. This is the shard that is shown next to the globe on the shard selection page. Setting #LShard before logging in an account will make the client show the desired shard as the last shard logged in. Only exception will be when that specific shard isn't availible. More info here

A compiled list of #LShard numbers and associated shard, (as of 11/30/2006)

Shard #lshard

Atlantic 0
Lake Superior 1
Pacific 2
Great Lakes 3
Baja 5
Chesapeake 6
Napa Valley 7
Catskills 8
Sonoma 9
Lake Austin 10
Siege Perilous 12
Legends 14
Sakura 16
Mugen 18
Oceania 19
Yamato 20
Asuka 21
Wakoku 22
Hokuto 23
Europa 24
Drachenfels 25
Formosa 26
Izumo 27
Arirang 28
Balhae 29
Minuho 31
Test Center 41
Origin 45

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Miscellaneous Variables

  • These system variables are not easily categorized in any other category, and therefore are placed here.
#shard Returns which shard you are logged into
#date Returns the local date on your computer
#time Returns the local time on your computer
#sysTime Counts the number of milliseconds since 01/Jan/1980 UTC
#sCnt Timer in seconds since Windows boot
#sCnt2 Timer in tenths of seconds since Windows boot
#pixCol Returns the color of the pixel last saved with savePix
#cursorX Returns the x-coordinate of the cursor
#cursorY Returns the y-coordinate of the cursor
#random Holds a random number
#dispRes Returns button clicked in last call to display
#lShard Set the last shard of your choice
#osVer Returns the OS version
#euoVer Returns the current EasyUO version