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Skill Gain

Fishing Changes

Alexandria has some unique changes to fishing:

  • Sea serpents are much more likely to appear in Felucca.
  • Raising your fishing skill above GM will increase your chances to catch sea serpents.
  • Alexandria has 10 unique artifacts that can only be recovered from the sea.
  • When fishing in Felucca, there is a 5% chance that any sea serpent will be a paragon.
  • The biggest recent catches are listed on a bulletin board that can be found near most fishing shops and in Luna.

Sea Artifacts

Main article: Fishing Artifacts

As mentioned above, Alexandria has 10 unique artifacts that can be obtained from fishing by two ways. The first way is by fishing in Felucca, and fishing up a paragon sea serpent. They have a good chance to spawn one of the 10 artifacts in their packs. The second way is by fishing up SoS chests. They have a much lower chance to contain one of these fishing artifacts. The artifacts:

  • Famed Fishing Pole
  • Coral Amulet of Regeneration
  • String of Pearls
  • Torq of Llyr
  • Triton's Trident
  • Sea Sandals
  • Seahorse Statuette
  • Sea Serpent Statuette
  • Ambergris
  • Rare Big Fish

All of the above items say "Recovered from the sea" in their properties list.