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Words of Power

Listed below are syllables a mage utters to accomplish spells. These are syllables of an ancient language, which bind and release etheric energy. A basic understanding of these should give you insight into the nature of the spells you control.

An Negate or Dispel
Nox Poison
Bet Small
Ort Magic
Corp Death
Por Move or Movement
Des Lower or Down
Quas Illusion
Ex Freedom
Rel Change
Flam Flame
Sanct Protect or Protection
Grav Field
Tym Time
Hur Wind
Uus Raise or Up
In Make, Create or Cause
Vas Great
Jux Danger, Trap or Harm
Wis Know or Knowledge
Kal Summon or Invoke
Xen Creature
Lor Light
Ylem Matter
Mani Life or Healing
Zu Sleep

Symbol Letter Word Meaning
File:Rune A.png A An Negate
File:Rune B.png B Bet Small
File:Rune C.png C Corp Death
File:Rune D.png D Des Down
File:Rune E.png E Ex Freedom
File:Rune F.png F Flam Flame
File:Rune G.png G Grav Energy
File:Rune H.png H Hur Wind
File:Rune I.png I In Cause
File:Rune J.png J Jux Harm
File:Rune K.png K Kal Summon
File:Rune L.png L Lor Light
File:Rune M.png M Mani Life
File:Rune N.png N Nox Poison
File:Rune O.png O Ort Magic
File:Rune P.png P Por Movement
File:Rune Q.png Q Quas Illusion
File:Rune R.png R Rel Change
File:Rune S.png S Sanct Protection
File:Rune T.png T Tym Time
File:Rune U.png U Uus Raise
File:Rune V.png V Vas Great
File:Rune X.png X Xen Creature
File:Rune W.png W Wis Knowledge
File:Rune Y.png Y Ylem Matter
File:Rune Z.png Z Zu Sleep

Virtue Principles Towns associated Mantra Dungeon/Sin Color Symbol Word of Power
Honesty Pure Truth Moonglow Ahm Deceit Blue Open hand Fallax
Compassion Pure Love Britain Mu Despise Yellow Heart Vilis
Valor Pure Courage Jhelom Ra Destard Red Sword Inopia
Justice Truth, Love Yew Beh Wrong Green Scales Malum
Sacrifice Love, Courage Minoc Cah Covetous Orange Tear Avidus
Honor Truth, Courage Trinsic Summ Shame Purple Chalice Infama
Spirituality Truth, Love, and Courage Skara Brae Om Hythloth White Ankh Ignavus
Humility Truth, Love, and Courage independently New Magincia Lum Doom or Hythloth Black Shepherd staff Veramocor

The Word of Power for Truth is VER. The Word of Power for Love is AMO. The Word of Power for Courage is COR. The Word of Power for Infinity is VERAMOCOR.

Magery spells:

Clumsy - Uus Jux Create Food - In Mani Ylem Feeblemind - Rel Wis Heal - In Mani Magic Arrow - In Por Ylem Night Sight - In Lor Reactive Armor - Flam Sanct Weaken - Des Mani
Agility - Ex Uus Cunning - Uus Wis Cure - An Nox Harm - An Mani Magic Trap - In Jux Magic Untrap - An Jux Protection - Uus Sanct Strength - Uus Mani
Bless - Rel Sanct Fireball - Vas Flam Magic Lock - An Por Poison - In Nox Telekinesis - Ort Port Ylem Teleport - Rel Por Unlock - Ex Por Wall of Stone - In Sanct Ylem
Arch Cure - Vas An Nox Arch Protection - Vas Uus Sanct Curse - Des Sanct Fire Field - In Flam Grav Greater Heal - In Vas Mani Lightning - Por Ort Grav Mana Drain - Ort Rel Recall - Kal Ort Por
Blade Spirits - In Jux Hur Ylem Dispel Field - An Grav Incognito - Kal In Ex Magic Reflection - In Jux Sanct Mind Blast - Por Corp Wis Paralyze - An Ex Por Poison Field - In Nox Grav Summon Creature - Kal Xen
Dispel - An Ort Energy Bolt - Corp Por Explosion - Vas Ort Flam Invisibility - An Lor Xen Mark - Kal Por Ylem Mass Curse - Vas Des Sanct Paralyze Field - In Ex Grav Reveal - Wis Quas
Chain Lightning - Vas Ort Grav Energy Field - In Sanct Grav Flamestrike - Kal Vas Flam Gate Travel - Vas Rel Por Mana Vampire - Ort Sanct Mass Dispel - Vas An Ort Meteor Swarm - Flam Kal Des Ylem Polymorph - Vas Ylem Rel
Earthquake - In Vas Por Energy Vortex - Vas Corp Por Resurrection - An Corp Summon Air Elemental - Kal Vas Xen Hur Summon Daemon - Kal Vas Xen Corp Summon Earth Elemental - Kal Vas Xen Ylem Summon Fire Elemental - Kal Vas Xen Flam summon Water Elemental - Kal Vas Xen An Flam


Arcane Circle
Gift of Renewal
Nature's Fury
Immolating Weapon
Arcane Empowerment
Ethereal Voyage
Reaper Form
Gift of Life
Summon Fey
Summon Fiend
Dryad Allure
Essence of Wind
Word of Death

Mysticism spells:

Healing Stone
Kal In Mani
Nether Bolt
In Corp Ylem
In Ort Ylem
Purge Magic
An Ort Sanct
Eagle Strike
Kal Por Xen
In Zu
Animated Weapon
In Jux Por Ylem
Stone Form
In Rel Ylem
Mass Sleep
Vas Zu
Spell Trigger
In Vas Ort Ex
Corp Por Ylem
Cleansing Winds
In Vas Mani Hur
Hail Storm
Kal Des Ylem
Spell Plague
Vas Rel Jux Ort
Nether Cyclone
Grav Hur
Rising Colossus
Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem

Chivalry spells:

Close Wounds
Obsu Vulni
Remove Curse
Extermo Vomica
Cleanse by Fire
Expor Flamus
Consecrate Weapon
Consecrus Arma
Sacred Journey
Sanctum Viatas
Divine Fury
Divinum Furis
Dispel Evil
Dispiro Malas
Enemy of One
Forul Solum
Holy Light
Augus Luminos
Noble Sacrifice
Dium Prostra

Necro spells:

Curse Weapon
An Sanct Gra Char
Blood Oath
In Jux Mani Xen
Corpse Skin
In Aglo Corp Ylem
Evil Omen
Pas Tym An Sanct
Pain Spike
In Sar
Wraith Form
Rel Xen Um
Mind Rot
Wis An Ben
Summon Familiar
Kal Xen Bal
Animate Dead
Uus Corp
Horrific Beast
Rel Xen Vas Bal
Poison Strike
In Vas Nox
Kal Vas An Flam
In Bal Nox
Lich Form
Rel Xen Corp Ort
Ort Corp Grav
Vengeful Spirit
Kal Xen Bal Beh
Vampiric Embrace
Rel Xen An Sanct


Traditional Britannian Mantras

Gargish Mantras

Abyssal Mantras

General Mantras for Skill Advancement

  • Mantra for advancement in the arts of combat: Summ Ra
  • Mantra for advancement in the arts of magic: Mu Ahm
  • Mantra for advancement in practical skills: Om Cah

Specific Mantras for Skill Advancement

  • Mantra for advancement in Acrobatics: Fal
  • Mantra for advancement in Appraisal: Hunn
  • Mantra for advancement in Attack: Ra
  • Mantra for advancement in Axe use: Gar
  • Mantra for advancement in Casting: Sol
  • Mantra for advancement in Charm: Un
  • Mantra for advancement in Defense: Anra
  • Mantra for advancement in Lore: Lahn
  • Mantra for advancement in Mace use: Coh
  • Mantra for advancement in Mana: Imu
  • Mantra for advancement in Missile use: Fahm
  • Mantra for advancement in Picklock skills: Aam
  • Mantra for advancement in Repair: Lon
  • Mantra for advancement in Search: Lu
  • Mantra for advancement in Stealth: Mul
  • Mantra for advancement in Sword use: Amo
  • Mantra for advancement in Swimming: Ono
  • Mantra for advancement in Tracking: Sahf
  • Mantra for advancement in Traps: Romm
  • Mantra for advancement in Unarmed combat: Ora

Mantras Linked to Specific Artifacts

  • Mantra to locate the Cup of Wonder: Insahm
  • Mantra to manifest the Key of Truth: Fanlo

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