Vet Rewards

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Veteran rewards are items that are given for being a long time player on a shard. Due to the relatively low population on Alexandria, and the higher turnover rate, vet rewardes accumulate much faster - on the order of 1 year per month.

Monster Statues

Crocodile Skeleton
Daemon Troll
Dragon Cow
Earth Elemental Zombie
Ettin Llama
Gargoyle Ophidian
Gorilla Reaper
Lich Mongbat
Lizardman Gazer
Ogre Fire Elemental
Orc Wolf
Ratman Harrower

+3 Physical Resist Cloaks Robes and Dresses

Bronze Ice Green
Copper Ice Blue
Agapite Jet Back
Golden Ice White
Verite Fire
Valorite Pink
Dark Gray Crimson

Etherial Steeds

Horse Swamp Dragon
Ostard Beetle
Llama Hiryu
Ki-Rin Polar Bear
Unicorn Cu Sidhe

Dye Tubs

  • Black
  • Furniture
  • Special
  • Leather
  • Runebook
  • Reward Statuette

House Add-ons

Mini Contest Winning House Character Statue Maker
Mini Contest 2004 Winning House Jade
Banner Marble
Flaming Head Bronze
Minotaur Brazier
Decorative Shield Decorative Cannon
Hanging Skeleton Tree Stump
Ankh Wall Banner
Bloody Pentagram Mining Cart Decoration
Ankh of Sacrifice


  • Red Soulstone
  • Weapon Engraving Tool