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Note: This was taken directly from the post made by CEO on the forums in this thread: Alexandria policy on Unattended Macroing (UMing). It was last updated Thursday, March 16th 2006.

The UM policy for Alexandria is as follows:

  • UMing for skill gain, 8x8ing, etc is allowed.
  • UMing for gold farming/resources is not allowed.
  • UMing while buying resources from faction vendors is not allowed

However, the consquences for UMing while farming are not exactly anything to get your panties all bunched up over. OSI bans and cancel account when you're caught, we're more liberal, but don't push it! What will we do? The GMs/Staff are allowed to have some counter-scripting fun.

Allowable Staff actions:

  • Script breakage causing your character to do unintended things, like getting stuck, walking in circles, etc.
  • Adding things to your pack to cause you to be overwieght (IE see a)
  • Moving you to a neutral spot (IE the UM pen).
  • Putting you in jail requiring a Staff to visit you to obtain your release.
  • Animals participating in your UMing (packhorse, beetle, etc) may be moved and caused to be inaccessible.
  • Disconnect the client.
  • Repeated offenses/last resort: Account may be blocked from 24,48,72 hours depending on how many times you've been caught. (Notes are entered into your account's profile each time). If you continue doing this after a 72 hour block, permanent banning may result. Please don't let it go this far, we want everyone to have fun, but after so many times of watching someone UM for resources it's abusing the shard rules and spirit of play.

Please note, the above list is not in any particular order of action a GM may take. Most of the time I'm guessing it'll be the first few options in order to have some fun with the script you're obviously running.

What they can not do:

  • Delete items in pack.
  • Intentionally kill your character using a GM/Staff command. PackPets are exempt.
  • Spawn monsters not normal to an area or in excess in order to kill your character. This means if mongbats are known to frequent an area and you're killed by a mongbat, don't come whining to a GM. Afterall if you're going to UM, you should have some avoidance stay-alive routines in your script!
  • Use Staff obtained info to assist others to your location.

That's it. My original "AFK and You" post was meant to be more humorous then accusatory. Those UMing alot know who you are, we mess with you, you recover, you're right back to UMing. BFD. Both sides get over it, there is absolutely no reason to bitch and moan (on either side) with these rules. What it comes down to is we're providing a shard for your entertainment (at consider costs out of my pocket for hardware and ISP fees)so you should also be expected to follow some of our rules. If not, there are hundreds of other freeshards listed in UOGateway for your enjoyment. I doubt it even needs to come to that. We're all here to have fun and script to our hearts desire.