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Tree System

Snicker7's Tree system implemented! Find a gardener to get started!

  • There are currently 10 different types of growable trees added.
  • Tree seeds are obtained by using a seed removal tool on various types of fruit. The tool is purchasable from the NPC Gardener and success is based on your cooking skill, and it is a VERY low chance to extract a usable seed. Shouldn't be a problem since fruit is quite plentiful.
    • The NPC gardener lives in Ilshenar. Travel to the Sacrifice gate then walk a couple screens South East until you hit a small farm.
  • Trees will take a VERY long time to grow to maturity (20-45 IRL days depending) but require no maintenance. They progress through several different stages of growth as well. Consider them.. "dynamic decoration."
  • Trees can be transplanted by double clicking them with a normal shovel in the top-level of your backpack.
  • When a tree is being transplanted, you have a maximum of 6 hours to replant the tree or it will die.
  • Trees must be placed on grass or dirt tiles in your house or within 5 tiles of your house, and not within 3 tiles of a neighbors house or 4 tiles of another tree.
  • If a house falls where a tree has been planted, the tree can then be transplanted and claimed by anyone.
  • Expect more trees to be added over time (suggestions are welcome)
  • All trees bear fruit, but not until they have reached maturity.
  • Within the week, quite a few trees will have been added throughout the shard for you to gather and harvest seeds from.

Tree Types

  • Apple Tree
  • Banana Tree
  • Black Cherry Tree
  • Cherry Tree
  • Coconut Tree
  • Date Palm Tree
  • Lemon Tree
  • Peach Tree
  • Pear Tree
  • Plum Tree
  • Mutant Super Tree
    • Gives random fruit type
    • Sometimes when picking a regular fruit tree you will receive a mutant seed