Treasure of Covetous

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Treasure of Covetous
Quest Location: Covetous Dungeon LvL 3
Quest Difficulty: Medium
Character Classes:
(only a suggestion)
Lockpicking, Hiding, Stealth
Equipment Required: A 70's suit, Lockpicks, 125 Str

Treasure of Covetous

Admin's note: As of 2.0, the ToC room will have an Eye of Argus spawning in it, so this page may need revisions.

Quick Overview

  • Spawn Rate: 4-6 hours for chest to spawn. 20% chance for ToC. (These are rough and most likely incorrect numbers)
  • This one is pretty easy. Dress up in your 70's suit and go to circled location on UOAM.
  • Just avoid walking over a monster and you should never be revealed/killed.
  • Pick Lock, Open crate without revealing yourself. Poison wears off.
  • Loot, Log out, rinse and repeat.


ToC Location Pic

  • The treasure spawns in a crate like the one Below, except the one above is a static crate and will always be there.