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Treasure Maps have been updated according to Publish 67 with some custom additions.

Maps and Locations

Trammel and Felucca chest locations remain the classic locations. In any other facet, however, the chest location is completely randomized. As long as there is clear land and no structures within a certain amount of times, a chest can spawn. This makes mining skill essential. Additionally, any special items that drop in a treasure map that is not a guaranteed drop, will have its drop chance increased by 25% if it is from a randomized chest location (Non-Tram/Fel).

UO.COM Info on T-Maps and Chests

Task Chain Table
Chest Level Magic Items Regs Gems  % Special Item Drops Minor
1 5 3 3 10% lower level No
2 10 6 6 10% lower level No
3 15 9 9 10% lower level No
4 38 12 12 10% lower level No
5 50 15 15 2.5% Lvl 5-7 Item, 25% lower level item No
6 60 18 18 5% Lvl 5-7 Item, 25% lower level item Yes
7 75 21 21 2.5% Lvl 7 Item, 10% Lvl 5-7 Item, 25% lower level item Yes
  • Special Drops- For chests that have the potential to drop more than 1 special item (lvl 5, 6, 7), Only one will drop, if at all. For example, if a Level 7 chests drops a Level 7 only artifact, a level 5-7 artifact or lower level artifact will not roll. This does not effect minor artifacts. They drop regardless on level 6/7 chests.
  • The above table is the base amount for number of items and drop rates. If the treasure map is a randomized type (not tram/fel), drop rates will get a 25% bump , as well as magic items (armor/weapon) amount will get a small bump as well.
  • Chests will have a chance to drop a Transmutation Schematic. % Rate: level * 1.8.
  • Level 4 chests will have a chance to drop Transmutation Schematic Book. % Rate: (level * .1) * 1.5 if randomized