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The #tileFlags system variable determines the flags for the last tile read using the tile command.

Possible values include those listed in the table below.

Tile Flag Values
Background Weapon Transparent Translucent
Wall Damaging Impassable Wet
Unknown Surface Bridge GenericStackable
Window NoShoot PrefixA PrefixAn
Internal Foliage PartialHue Unknown1
Map Container Wearable LightSource
Animated NoDiagonal Unknown2 Armor
Roof Door StairBack StairRight


tile init

Tile get #charPosX #charPosY 1
display ok The tile at X: , #charPosX , #spc , / Y: , #charPosY , #spc , has the following Flags:$ , #tileFlags

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  • These system variables contain data gathered using the tile command.
#tileType Returns the type of the last read tile
#tileZ Returns the z-coordinate of the last read tile
#tileCnt Returns the number of tile layers of the last read position
#tileName Returns the name of the last read tile
#tileFlags Returns the flags of the last read tile