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The Mystic's Soulstone
Quest Location: Serpent's Hold
Quest Difficulty: Easy
Character Classes:
(only a suggestion)
Equipment Required: None

The Mystic's Soulstone

This is not so much a quest as it is the way to get soulstones for your accounts on Alexandria. You must first find a way to journey to Serpent's Hold in Trammel. You must then seek out a mystic and say "claim" or use the context menu on the mystic. They will give you three soulstones linked to your account and your account only.
Keep in mind that (at this time) you will not be able to get replacement soulstones if you lose the ones for your account. Please see the Soulstone Policy page for more details.
Also note that they have been changed so you can use while they're locked down. This is to prevent players from forgetting to lock them down after use and loosing them.