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[[set]] {{!namespaceVariable} | {%standardVariable} | {*persistantVariable} | {#systemVariable}} [expression] [abs]


The set command, sets a varible to what an expression evaluates to. If the abs option is specified, the absolute (mathimatically) value will be assigned. Ommitting the expression will set the variable to a blank string.


set %a 2
set %b $a ;we can use hexadecimal too
set %c ( %a * %b ) + 1 ;%c is 21
set %d %a * ( %b + 1 ) ;%d is 22
set %e %a * %b + 1 ;%e is 21
set %f ;set %f to a blank string
set %varname 0 ;initializing a variable to 0

Note: Set is used to increment a variable by 1 by doing: set %varname %varname + 1

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