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Ever since Ultima Online went live and players found that recall was the fastest way to move from home to hunt to bank, runebooks have found a deep and indellible place in our hearts. We take them everywhere. But the darned things only hold 16 runes. You can carry more than one sure, but then you are using up space in your pack.

Enter the rune library! Someone somewhere thought, "I ought to have a bunch of runebooks with runes to places people want to go." So they spent several days going to spots, marking runes, and painstakingly placing them in specific orders in runebooks and stacking those runebooks in eye-pleasing arrangements in their hours.

No longer do you have to lug those 75 runebooks around. Now you can visit a house, and recall to your hearts content.

The Sacred Rune Library

Originally owned by the Sacred Guild. While the owner character BluElectra has not visited the forums in a while, and ostensibly has not come into the game for a while, the rune library is still standing with a moongate that will take you to any of the destinations in the runebooks for a charge of 25 gold which can be taken directly from your bank.


The Sacred Rune Library is located on the southern side of Makoto City in Tokuno. The runebooks are arrayed in short stacks around the first floor inside, with the pay moongate in the middle of the north wall.


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