Rug Weaving

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  • "This is one of the coolest things I've ever done." --Snicker7
  • "I never said the quote above, but it's probably true." --Snicker7


To craft a rug purchase a Weavers Spool from a weaver at any town tailor shop. The cost is 100gp and provides X uses.
Using the Weavers Spool will bring up a craft menu offering all rug tiles available and detailing material cost and skill requirements per rug.
Rugs are crafted 3x3 tiles at a time. Each attempt requires a certain amount of Wool, Dyes and Flax, all of which can be purchased at tailor shops.
Rug crafting is based on the tailoring skill. Skill requirements range from about 105.0 to 115.0.