Quest of the Flame

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Quest of The Flame
Quest Location: 4th LvL of Deceit
Quest Difficulty: Medium
Character Classes:
(only a suggestion)
Some Magery
Equipment Required: 5 Phoenix Stones

Quest of The Flame

You must have completed the Miner's Quest prior to attempting this and have gathered five Pheonix Stones.

Step 1

The quest starts in Level four of Deceit in Felucca. Head on down there with at least one Pheonix stone in your pack and talk with Lord Sid.

When he asks if you would like to hear about the Pheonix Stone, says "yes".

Accept the Quest and you'll recieve a quest book.

Step 2

Lord Sid tells you to visit "Fester the Crazed Jeweler in Papua. Lets Go!

He'll ask if thats a Pheonix Stone you carry. Of course it is! Say "yes".

Step 3

Now you must visit fire dungeon to heat up the stones using the lava pit. (Take all 5 stones)

As you can see you take damage from walking across the lava. Try to wear a high fire resist suit. You can place all five stones on the stone and they will all be transformed at the same time. After completion it will tell you that you can return to Fester. You can run back to land to recover mid way through.

Step 4

Back at Papua...

Fester tells you to seek out a miner in Cove.

Step 5

The miner is located near the mountains in Cove.

The Miner asks if that is what he thinks it is, Of course it is! Say "yes".

He asks for 25,000 gold coins. Uh oh! Time to hit the bank! Greedy Miners! =)

In exchange for the 25,000 gold you will get the "Ancient Runic Plans".

Step 6

You'll want to visit the Encyclopedia Magicka first. He'll ask if the miner sold you the parchement. Say "yes".

Off to Verity Isle to The Lyceaeum!

There is alot of books here. The key is finding the right one!

The main thing your gonna pull from the book is the words to change the runic plans into a schematic. "In Vas Flam".

Step 7

Fill the schematic! Pretty simple. You'll need 300 valorite ingots, 75 boards, and 5 enspelled pheonix stones.

Technically you've finished the quest, but to get the beetle, move on to step 8.

Step 8

You've got your Runed Forge, what now? No clue's what to do? Luckily I took the time to find it for you! =)

Off to Britain!

Another book for you to read. You'll find the words you need to know at the end. "Kal Xen Ort Vas Flam".

Step 9

Your almost there! Time to head to Fire Island! Take your blue beetle and your runed forge!

You'll see a treestand nearby. You'll need to teleport up there. Stand on a hillside if you have problems.

And then teleport down into the Firepit. Stand in the middle of the fiery symbol riding your beetle. With the runed forge in your pack say the words "Kal Xen Ort Vas Flam".

And watch the fireworks fly!!!