Points of Interest

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  • Corruption Spawns - Forces of corruption that currently hold power over the virtue shrines of Trammel.
  • Staff Champ Spawn - Creatures named for staff that drop special armor lacquer. Terra Sanctum, T2A.
  • Sorcerer's Champ - In Ilshenar Sorcerer's Dungeon, a challenge to slay warlocks as fast as you can.
  • Sea Champion - IA! IA! Oh R'lyeh? The big green guy has taken up residence in Shame. Ask around for this one.
  • The Secret Champ - This elusive spawn is easy to overlook, but promises grand rewards!
  • Stormtrooper Raid - Located in Illshennar near the Gargoyle City. Beware, Darth Vader is a toughie!
  • Alien Champ Spawn - Aliens have landed just north of Delicia! It's up to you to do what you can to save Britania from this "Menace from Above".

Fun Locations

  • The Golden Galleon Casino - Located in Skara Brae, Trammel, a casino with varied slots, keno, and a VIP room.
  • The Game Area - Has a foot/horse race track, Russian Roulette, a Frisbee, and Dodgeball.