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Players can earn points used to purchase decoration items, as well as runic tools. The 3 tier decoration items can only be obtained throught this system. Points earned are account specific.

Earning Points

Login Time

  • A player can earn 85 points for every 24 hours of login time.
  • Login time is recorded every time a character logs out, or an auto check once a day


  • A player can earn 75 points voting by double clicking the UO Vase in Luna.
  • Voting is limited to once per 24 hours

New Player Donation

  • Earn 100 points for donating to the New Player Donation System. The donation vendor can be found upstairs at Luna Bank.

Instanced Dungeons

  • Receive a good amount of redeemable points for completing one of the many custom Instance Dungeons.


1st Tier - Normal decoration items 2nd Tier - Nice items, to include functional grandfather clocks 3rd Tier - Well sough after items, such as runic tools, BOD Mailbox Schematic, Dawn's Music Box and Fountain of Life 4th Tier - Rare items!

See the UO Store for details on items, or double click the Lexia Points Vendor at Luna Bank.