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PVP Rankings System

Order vs. Chaos

  • As of Update 0006 there is a system in place to allow players guilded to Order or Chaos to gain combat experience (CXP) by fighting their opposing forces. This leads to rank advancement, fame, loot, and all that good stuff.
  • On December 28th of 2007, the "second publish" of the Order vs. Chaos system was implemented, containing an updated combat experience formula, new rank progression formula, the first O/C war game "Shrine of Virtues", the first wave of O/C reward items, and a series of bug fixes / changes to gameplay mechanics. A more detailed changelog has been posted in the EasyUO forums, pending integration into the EasyUO wiki.

System Basics (How to Participate)

Order/Chaos Guild Type

  • Players may participate in Order/Chaos PVP by being in a GUILD that is set to Order or Chaos. Your Guildmaster should be able to set this by accessing his Guildmaster panel and changing the guild type. This can only be done every 7 days, so think before you act. Players in Order or Chaos guilds are vulnerable to attack from their opposing faction in any facet - including Trammel, Malas, and Ilshenar.

Rank Promotions

To gain in rank, you must seek out and double click the Warmaster for your faction.
  • Order Warmistress: Lady Phoenix - Located at the doorway to British Castle, Trammel
  • Chaos Warmaster: Lord Drakkis - Located at the doors of Blackthorne Castle, Trammel

System Games & Rewards (All About Victory Tokens)

  • As of December of 2007 the first wave of Order/Chaos reward items are available. In order to purchase these rewards players will require gold and victory tokens. Victory tokens are obtained by winning periodic Order And Chaos Games, such as the new Shrine of Virtues Game.

System Details (Formulas and Numbers)

CXP/Kill Formula

  • CXP, or Combat Experience, is gained by killing members of the opposing forces. In order to be elligible for CXP gains, you must inflict at least 20hp worth of damage to your opponent. *CXP gains are split between valid damagers.
Players now gain CXP according to this modified formula:
  • CXP = ( 100 + VictimRank × 25 ) × Reducer
This formula places more emphasis on rank than before.
Reducer is redefined as follows:
  • 1st Kill: 1.00 (or 100%)
  • 2nd Kill: 0.75 (or 75%)
  • 3rd Kill: 0.50 (or 50%)
  • 4th Kill: 0.30 (or 30%)
  • 5th Kill: 0.20 (or 20%)
  • 6th through 8th Kills: 0.10 (or 10%)
  • 9th and higher kills: 0 (0% - no more points for this)
Kill tables still reset approximately every 24 hours.
CXP Bonus Zones
There are several bonus and penalty zones in place that alter the amount of CXP gained from any given kill. They are as follows:
Penalty Zone
  • Luna City - 25% CXP
Bonus Zones
  • Buccaneer's Den - 150% CXP (both Trammel and Felucca)
  • Shrine of Virtues Zone - 150% CXP
  • Britain - 150% CXP (both Trammel and Felucca)


A player's rank, if they have attained one and are still guilded to order/chaos, will display in their properties as "Rank: {RankName}". Gaining in rank will allow access to special priveledges, equipment, purchasable items, and so on.
Rank remains with the player permanently. This means that rank-specific items will continue to function even after you leave the fray. If you rejoin a Order or Chaos guild, your rank will be the same as when you left - even if you were in the opposing side before. You must, however, be guilded in order to purchase or claim items within the system.
Rank display example.
Player Name [GLD]
Guildmaster, Gilded Guild (Chaos)
Rank: Ascendant
PVP Rankings for Order/Chaos
Rank Name Combat XP Req'd Difference
Recruit 600 cxp Δ 600 cxp
Slinger 4,800 cxp Δ 4,200 cxp
Shield Bearer 16,200 cxp Δ 11,400 cxp
Foot Soldier 38,400 cxp Δ 22,200 cxp
Infantry 75,000 cxp Δ 36,600 cxp
Warrior 129,600 cxp Δ 54,600 cxp
Herald 205,800 cxp Δ 76,200 cxp
Centurion 307,200 cxp Δ 101,400 cxp
Officer 437,400 cxp Δ 130,200 cxp
General 600,000 cxp Δ 162,600 cxp
Prefect 798,600 cxp Δ 198,600 cxp
Warlord 1,036,800 cxp Δ 238,200 cxp
Grand Warlord 1,318,200 cxp Δ 281,400 cxp
Deathbringer 1,646,400 cxp Δ 328,200 cxp
Ascendant 2,025,000 cxp Δ 378,600 cxp