Miner's Quest

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The Miner's Quest
Quest Location: Mount Kendall near Minoc
Quest Difficulty: Easy
Character Classes:
(only a suggestion)
Mining, Blacksmith, Magery
Equipment Required: +5 Mining Gloves

The Miner's Quest

The Miner's Quest is a great beginners quest as it's not particularly hard nor does it involve a lot of needed skills. Before beginning this quest, you will need enough magery to teleport (or scrolls), enough blacksmithy to craft a war axe, and 100 mining.
Progress or completion of the Miner's Quest does not appear on the Quest sheet you get when you click Quest on your paperdoll

Step 1

The quest starts in Mount Kendall to the north east of Minoc in the mining caves. Here you will seek out Delphin, the shifty-looking Miner. Delphin offers to sell you an old Duergar mining map for 2000 gold. He states the map leads to a secret mountain pass the Duergar discovered long ago. To purchase the map from Delphin, click "Okay" and type "iwan map" and hit enter. Delphin should take his gold and deposit the map into your backpack.
Delphin states: "...Hey be careful, and prepared--I think you gotta have special supplies. Err there was a book with the map, I didn't read all of heh. But you might need something from ol mage-smith out in some cave on Fire Island."

Step 2

Your next step on the wonderful journey is to stop in on the local Minoc mining guild, "The Golden Pick Axe". Located in a bookcase on the west wall is a book entitled, "Conversational Muule" by Aurum Pharmyr. This book contains the phrases you will be using through the rest of the quest. Make a copy for yourself or just keep reading as you will be enlightened further down.
  • Key Phrases: iwan cystr, lemme uppinhear

Step 3

Next you travel to the vast island of Fire Island. You will be adventuring into the Solitary mountain range. Located on the east side of the mountain is a small cave in which Brunor the Dwarf is residing in. Make sure you bring the duergar map with you.
He notices your map and says that for 1800 gold (for his supplies) he'll help you get a diamond pickax for your map. He tells you to make a waraxe while speaking the old Muule words for drawing the object of your desire to you.
After talking to Brunor you will need to craft a waraxe and say the words "iwan cystr". You'll have the diamond pickax now!

note to new players: the waraxe needs to be exceptional; also, I was unable to complete this step until I reached GM Blacksmith

Step 4

Now if you open the map you'll see a large area revealed, this will be your search area! You notice that the area being depicted is the Shame mountain range. Off you go to explore! You'll need to dig with the diamond pickax to find when you are getting close to the spot you need to be. (Dig in the mountain pass to the NW of shame).
While digging you will want to look for the message "Your mining experience tells you there is a pass to rich ores very near...you sense the Duergar's hidden ways...(note: you will only get this message if you have the quest active, i.e. if you haven't completed it yet).
Once you see the message walk around the area where you get that message and start saying, "lemme uppinhear". Eventually you will find the spot that teleports you into the secret area.

Step 5

Now that you've made it into the secret area, you can easily tell you need to Teleport. Follow the pathways until you reach the area with Thadius Or. Prospector's Journal.
Once inside this area you will use your diamond pickax to dig in the mountain. Depending on your mining skill you will get various rewards.
  • Please note that the reward for completing the quest varies depending on your mining skill. 105 mining is the max you will need. 105 will give 120 diamonds and a PhoenixStone (needed for another Quest). Lower skills will give a lower number of lesser gems and no PhoenixStone.
  • Please note that if someone has already mined there you will have to wait for the spawner to reset. Roughly an hour. If you mine and nothing happens that means someone has already dug during this hour and you'll have to wait till the spawner resets.
  • Please note that sometimes a Diamond Elemental will spawn to strike out at you. He can be difficult for a miner, so be on your toes!