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Holds the value from the last menu Get or Menu GetNum statement executed.


menu Clear
menu Window Title Example
menu Window Color BtnFace
menu Window Size 117 95
menu Font Transparent #true
menu Font Align Right
menu Font Name Default
menu Font Size 8
menu Font Style 
menu Font Color Black
menu Font Align Left
menu Check CheckBox1 8 8 97 17 #false Check Box 1 ;<-- CheckBox not ticked = #False
menu Check CheckBox2 8 32 97 17 #true Check Box 2 ;<-- CheckBox ticked = #True
menu Font Name MS Sans Serif
menu Font Color WindowText
menu Button OKButton 40 64 35 25 OK
menu Show 421 270

Wait 1

If #MenuButton <> OKButton ;<-- Check to see if OK button has been pressed.
	Goto MenuLoop

Menu Get CheckBox1 ;<-- Gets the value from CheckBox1 menu item
If #MenuRes = #True ;<-- If #MenuRes is true the checkbox has been ticked
	Set %CheckBox1 #True
	Set %CheckBox1 #False

Menu Get CheckBox2
If #MenuRes = #True
	Set %CheckBox2 #True
	Set %CheckBox2 #False


See Also


  • Result variables hold values that are the direct by-product of actions taken by commands in a script. The exact details of what they contain is determined by the command and variable.
#menuButton Returns the name of the last clicked menu Button
#menuRes Returns the result of the last menu Get or menu GetNum command
#sendHeader Holds HTTP header information for the send command
#strRes Returns the result of the last str command
#property Returns the result of the last event Property command
#result Returns the result of the last return command
#opts Determines which EasyUO configuration options are active
#lpc Determines the number of lines that are executed per cycle