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goto {label}


The goto command moves the execution to another part of the script. The destination point is given by a label.

  • Don't goto out of a sub. Always use return! EasyUO will probably not crash but it is VERY bad programming style.
  • A label in the code must be followed by a colon, where as gotoing to the label does not require a following colon.
  • Inline comments do not work with labels in EasyUO 1.4.


if %donotloop
	goto exit
goto loop


Simulating a Switch Statement

Switch structures (like seen in C/C++) can be simulated in EasyUO using the goto statement:

set %a #random % 3 + 1
goto case , %a

  display ok One
  goto case_exit

  display ok Two
  goto case_exit

  display ok Three
  goto case_exit


Related Commands


See Also

Flow Control

  • Flow control commands allow scripts to make decisions based on the evaluation of boolean expressions.
break Jumps to first statement outside of loop
call Transfers execution to another script file
continue Jumps execution of a loop to next iteration
exit Exits a called script
for Creates a counting loop
gosub Transfers execution to the matching sub
goto Jumps to another part of the script given by a label
halt Stops the script
if Executes code based on the evaluation of an expression
pause Temporarily stops the execution of the current script
repeat..until Creates a loop that checks condition after execution
return Returns from a sub
stop Ends the script
while Creates a loop that checks condition before execution