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Expressions are important building blocks in an EasyUO script. They can be used to create relatively advanced integer mathematics.

An expression is any of the following:

  • a literal
  • a variable
  • an expression enclosed with parenthesis
  • an unary operator followed by an expression
  • an expression followed by a binary operator and an expression

set %var 1337 ; literal numeric value
set %name cheffe ; literal string value
set %temp %var
set %faux ! #true ; unary operator
set %var %var + 1 ; binary operator
set %calculus ( 2 + 2 ) * ( 3 - 1 ) ; parenthesis enclosed expressions


An EasyUO script is a sequence of statements. A statement is any of the following:

  • a command
  • a block
  • a control structure

A command typically takes the form: <command_name> <parameters>


set %var 2 + 2

A block is a sequence of statements grouped within brackets. Opening and closing brackets must occurs on a distinct line (Hence one could argue that both "{" and "}" are statements by themselves). Blocks are almost exclusively used in conjunction with control structures.

    set %var 2 + 2
    display ok %var

Control structure are defined individually elsewhere in the documentation.

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