Dracondars Lute

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Dracondar's Lute
Quest Location: Bard Shop, Fel Minoc
Quest Difficulty: Easy
Character Classes:
(only a suggestion)
Hiding, Mining, Stealth, Music
Equipment Required: Instrument, Shovel

Dracondar's Lute

Step 1


Travel to the Bard shop in Minoc Fel and talk with Samantha.


  • Samantha asks if you have heard of the rumor, reply with "Rumor".
  • She will ask if you have heard of the bard winthrop, say "No".
  • She will then tell you a short story about a dragon and asks who would help a dragon, say "I would" or "I will".
  • She then asks if you would consider helping, reply with "Yes".

She will tell you to travel to Britain Fel.

Step 2

Travel to the Britain and Find Winthrop.


You will see his harp laying on the ground there.


To reveal Winthrop hide and stealth around where the lute is, he will appear shortly. You must be visible when you first arrive and then hide near the lute and then stealth around the area.


  • He will start by asking why you are there, reply "Dracondar's Lute"
  • Then he will ask who told you of such a thing, reply "Samantha"
  • He will tell you to leave, say "I will not leave"

Winthrop will then tell you what he knows. "The Lute is buried deep in the dungeon Deceit with only skulls to hear its song"

Then Winthrop is magically poisoned, and dies.

Step 3

Travel to Fel Deceit level 3.


You must successfully dig up ore around where the yellow dot is. This causes the Lute to appear.


Grab the Lute and head out.

Step 4

Travel to the Shrine of Sacrifice in Fel.


  • You need enough music skill to successfully play an instrument, keep plucking away at it and Dracondar should eventually show up.
  • He will take ur lute and say letting you live is your reward. Be careful how you respond, can mess up the rest of the quest. After he takes your lute and says u get nothing say "I beg you" and that should start the rest of the dialog.
  • He will ask you to go kill a lich that has been troubling him. The key here is that the lich spawns at a certain UO time. You have to be there the FIRST time its that actual time or you will miss the lich.

[EDIT] (He may not spawn the First time, but will the next time you go there, but always at the same in game time) So go get a clock and sit at the shrine till the appointed time. Remember you must sit at or near the shrine, UO has different time zones!!

  • You'll find the (Ancient) lich spawning almost directly SE of Dracondars location. Fairly easy to eliminate, I've used blade spirits to kill him. Be careful as this is an ancient lich - a large number of blade spirits do work best though.
  • Grab his severed head and head back up to dracondar. He will give you your reward. (If Dracondar is no longer there you will need to play music to summon him again).