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The #contName system variable determines the name of the currently selected container/gump. The values that have been found so far are included in the table below. It may not be comprehensive, and Freeshards can and often do include custom gumps that will show up in this variable.

Known contName Values
Value Description
stack_gump comes up for amount input when dragging a stack
drag_gump when something is dragged on the cursor
paperdoll_gump Gump that shows your character's paperdoll.
status_gump Gump that displays all your character's information.
skill_gump The list gump that shows all your character's skills.
text_gump from a journal open.
YesNo_gump from a logout.
OptionsGump Gump that is displayed when the Options button is pressed on the paperdoll.
generic_gump The gump that is displayed by clicking the help button on the paperdoll, runebooks, and crafting menus to name a few.
missile_gump seems to be an intermediate/transitional status, shows up when something is flying through the air.
normal_gump seen with: chat screen and the shard selection screen.
container_gump clicking on any item that acts as a container that holds other items will bring up this gump.
MainMenu_gump  ?
waiting_gump this one comes up for stuff like bad password. Informational Gump.
login_gump The login screen gump, where you type in your username and password.
dumb_gump Gump for individual drops of snow or rain. It can interfear with scripts that are looking for other gumps, so if you want to prevent it from showing up you can use the UOA or Razer weather filter.
GameAreaEdgeGump very quick, hard to catch, name might be wrong.
radar_gump The map.
DamageNumbers_gump comes up when doing damage to a target. Only available on AoS enabled clients/shards.
skillicon_gump The rectangular gump with a skill's name in it that you can drag from the skill list gump.
spellicon_gump Any one of the square spell icon's that you can drag from a spell book.
party_gump The party system control menu gump.
profile_gump The scroll that you can type information about yourself into, or display information that others have typed about themself if it's from another person.
combat_ability_book_gump Any one of the square combat move icon's that you can drag from the combat book on your character's paperdoll.
spellbook_gump The gump that opens when you open a spell book.
Course_gump Treasure Map gump.
Bill_gump Buy/Sell gump.
hue_gump gump that allows you to set a color. most commonly seen when you set the color of a dye tub.
CharCreation_gump character creation screen gump.
ListBoxControl_gump it can be found on option gump, and the character creation gump, to name a couple. you need to actually select the control in order to see this gump.
resize_gump Seen when resizing other gumps such as the journal, skill gump, etc...
map_gump Character creation screen, when you choose the city to you wish to start in.
CONTEXT_HELP Codex of Wisdom Gump.

Note: EasyUO currently only holds information in the #cont* on the "top most" gump. This means that the last gump that was opened or moved in any way is what EUO is reporting.


if #contName = login_gump
     gosub login

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  • Container system variables represent information available about the top most (or most reacent) gump that was opened, moved, or clicked in the Ultima Online Client.
#nextCPosX Returns the x-coordinate of where the next container/gump will open
#nextCPosY Returns the y-coordinate of where the next container/gump will open
#contSize Returns the size of the currently selected container/gump
#contPosX Returns the x-coordinate of the currently selected container/gump
#contPosY Returns the y-coordinate of the currently selected container/gump
#contKind Returns the kind of the currently selected container/gump
#contID Returns the id of the currently selected container/gump
#contType Returns the object type of the currently selected container/gump
#contName Returns the name of currently selected container/gump