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The #charDir system variable determines the direction the character is facing.
Table of #charDir values
Value Facing
0 North
1 North East
2 East
3 South East
4 South
5 South West
6 West
7 North West


if #CHARDIR = 0
	msg : Looking North $
wait 2s
goto top

See Also

Character Variables

  • The character category of system variables contains information specific to the character in the current instance of Ultima Online that EasyUO is attached to.
#charPosX Returns the characters world X-coordinate
#charPosY Returns the characters world Y-coordinate
#charPosZ Returns the characters world Z-coordinate
#charDir Returns the direction the character is facing
#charStatus Returns different states that the character can be in
#charID Returns the id of the character
#charGhost Returns if your character is dead
#backpackID Displays the ID of your player's backPack (Inventory)