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O/C Capture the Flag

OC CTF is as it says. The object is to get into your enemies base, and capture the flag and return it to yours. The game lasts for 30 minutes and will start exactly 1 hour and a half after the OC Shrine of Virtues game starts.

Game Location

The game itself will take place on Terra Sanctum, Trammel. The start region will be the Papua Docks behind the walls on the docks themselves. This will be a no-kill, no-attack zone. When the game starts, you will be prompted to join via gump. If you arrive late, you can join by double clicking the arena stone.

Earning Points

Once you have the enemies flag in your base for a minute, you will start getting points every minute there after. You can also earn points by killing enemy players. At the end of the game, flag minutes and kills will be tallied for points. Obviously, the team with the most points win. In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker is most kills, then whoever has the most players in the arena region. The winner will recieve a OC Token.

  • OC XP Points for capturing the flag: points * 66.67
  • OC XP Points for kills: total kills * 16.67
  • OC XP Points for side with most kills: 500 (regardless of winner)

Flag Mechanics

To take a flag, you must be within 2 tiles, in line of sight, and double click the flag. When a player is carrying a flag, their entire body and mount will be hued the flag color(like faction sigils). This will give the enemy a good idea who to go after! Taking a flag will reveal a player if they are hidden. you cannot hide or go invisible if you have a flag on you. If you die with a flag in your pack, it will harmlessly fall to the ground next to your corpse for anyone to pick up. To place a flag back on a flag holder, double click the flag, and target the flag holder (or friendly player to hand it off). If you take a flag, you have 3 minutes to place the flag on another holder or it will automatically return to its last holder.

Flag Holders

Each base will have one. If a player needs to be rezzed, they can return to their teams holder for a resurrection. Once rezzed, they cannot move, attack or be attacked for 30 seconds.