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Alexandria has a number of armors that have special properties, and can change the outcome of battles. Some of these are single items, some are sets. On the page below, are links and information on the armor of Alexandria.

Single Items

Darksoul Hauberk

Set Items

When certain artifacts are worn together they provide additional bonuses. This is a custom effect on Alexandria. This is a list of collection sets and their effect. The collection bonuses listed only apply when all pieces in a set are worn. The set bonuses will not break the limits set in the established caps.

Warrior Set

Pieces in set

  1. Necromantic Visage - Helm
  2. Rat Collar - Gorget
  3. Ironsilk Guards - Arms
  4. Whispmail Tunic - Tunic
  5. Wyrmscale Leggings - Legs
  6. Nightmare Grasps - Gloves

Mystic Set

Magician Set

  • Pieces in set
  1. Ornament of the Magician
  2. Hat of the Magi
  3. Staff of the Magi

Total Collection Bonus

  • Intelligence +10
  • Lower Mana Cost 5%
  • Spell Damage Increase 5%
  • Hit Chance Increase 15%
  • Mana Increase 5