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Trade boards can be found in Luna near the moongates, just east of the bank, and one at West Brit Bank proper. Each trade board will contain seperate trade entries from other boards.

Items that can be traded - Currently, Commodity deedable items only. Types-

  • Regular Sell
  • Private Sell
  • Auction
  • Request(Known as 'fill')

Regular Sell

  • Trade owner sets price(total price for all commodities, not each individual unit), and commodities he would like to sell.
  • Any player can then purchase the commodity.
  • Gold used to purchase the commodity is automatically deducted from the buyers bank/vault, provided they have enough. The commodity purchased will be automatically deposited in the purchasers bank box.

Private Sell

Same as the above, however...

  • The owner specifies who they want to sell to using forum username. These trade will probably be initiated on the forums trade thread.
  • This trade will only show on the board gump to the trade owner and player with that authorized forum name.
  • When creating the trade, invalid forum names will not be allowed.
  • Players are encouraged to copy/paste the forum names from the actual forums, as they are case sensitive and easy to mistype.


  • Like a regular trade, the owner sets commodies to sell, and a starting bid which acts as the overall price
  • Any buyer can place a bid, and is recorded. Bid amount is not deducted from their bank/vault until the auction is over. Buyers need to make sure the have sufficient funds in the even the auction owner abruptly ends the auction.
  • Auction owners can set their own reserves, if they wish, and end the auction at any time.
  • On auction end, the commodity goes to the highest bidder. In the event they have insufficient gold in the bank/vault, the next highest bidder is then considered.


  • These are opposite of any other type of trade. Here, the owner wants to pay others for their requested commodities.
  • The trade owner determines the commodity by targeting the item they are requesting (not the commodity deed). For example, if they want to purchase iron ingots, they will be promted to target an iron ingot. This way the system knows exactly what they want.
  • Owner sets a pre-determined amount of gold for the enitre amount requested...price per unit is auto calculated for individual purchases.
  • Once the trade is registered on the board, the total amount is deducted from the owners bank/vault.
  • Players can then then trade in their own commodity. Amount of gold returned is determined on unit price.
  • Players must fill a minimum of 10% of the remaining amount per purchase.
  • Once requested amount is reached, or trade deadline is passed, the trade ends. In the event the entire fill request was not met, any remaining gold will be refunded to the trade owner.


Each trade is defaulted at 7 days. To keep boards from being overwhelmed with long term trades, a player cannot go more than 7 days, however they can reduce the deadline if they so choose. In the event a deadline passes and the trade is still active, any remaining commodity (or gold for a fill trade) will be deposited to the owners bank/vault.


TODO: Examples based on gump to guide players through the process.