Thieves Guild

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Thieves Guild

The thieves guild is an NPC guild required to steal from other players. Once a member, a player can complete the Macs School of Shadows Quest to officially join Mac's thieving guild. Once a member, will give you the option to actively participate in the war with the Assassin Guild. You will given tasks to fulfill for the guild and will be rewarded in return.


Each task , you will be required to steal an item from a mark, then meet a contact in an undisclosed location. Due to the secrecy of the guild, you must be close the the contact and say a codeword for them to acknowledge you.

Prison tasks (jailbreaks) are a bit different. You will be required to steal jail keys from a guard, then free your fellow theif! You must have a minimum of 2500 thief prowess and wait 12 hours between each jailbreak attempt. Seek Ohmket at the Thieved Guild Hideout.

Along the way, you will encounter various types of Targets.

Task Chains

Task Chains are a chain of tasks that must be completed, usually in a specific amount of time. Completion of these give a good chance of obtaining the various Theives Guild artifacts and/or enhance the standard rewards and prestige.

Task Chain Table
Name Deadline Cooldown Min Prestige Awarded Prestige Reward Reward Chance Comments
Tinkers Golem 8 Hours 7 Days 5000 25 Shadow Golem 100% -
Top Secret Rogue 2 Days None 150 50 Standard - Must find contact within 5 minutes
Expert Rogue 30 Minutes None 5000 25 Standard - Targets NPC Assassins
Frantic Rogue 15 Minutes None 500 12 Standard - -
Path of Treachery 90 Minutes 48 hours 500 10 Cloak of Treachery 25% -
Mark of Shadows 90 Minutes 48 hours 1000 10 Mark of Shadows 25% -
Cirque of Deception 90 Minutes 48 hours 1000 10 Shadow Cirque 25% -
Shadow Weave 90 Minutes 48 hours 800 10 Shadow Weave 25% -
Rogues Cap 90 Minutes 48 hours 500 10 Sleek Bandana 25% -


Typically, when a task is completed and the contact has given a new task, the thief will be rewarded. The amount of items in a pack are directly effected by the difficulty of the task itself.

Loot Table
Loot Probability Amount Comments
Standard Loot Common 1 - 6 # of Props/Intensities are dependant on task difficulty
Gems Common 1 -
Treasure Maps Rare 1 Level dependant on task difficulty
Consumables Common 1 - 2 Potions/Smoke Bombs
Rare Consumables Rare 1 Lotions/Balms/Magic Foods
Craft Components Rare 1 - 5 Shadow Dust/Enchanted Shadow Dust/Essence of the Shadow
Thief Tools Rare 1 Jar of Charm/Dust of Silence/Jar of Confusion/Sleeping Dust/Sticky Slick
Rogue Suit Schematic Ultra Rare 1 Rogue Arms Schematic/Rogue Leg Schematic/Rogue Chest Schematic/Rogue Gloves Schematic