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The Volunteers that Run Alexandria

Here are listed the hard-working volunteers that make Alexandria great. Each of these staff members is hand-picked, 100% trustworthy, and a long-time member of the EasyUO community. If you see them in game, don't be afraid to say "Hi!"

Note that while these people are staff on the Alexandria shard, they may or may not be staff in the forums. For example, WarLocke is not full forum staff, and only has domain over the Alexandria-specific forums.

A dagger ("†") is used to indicate that a staff member is also a programmer for the shard.


These are the guys that have the final say on things.


In-game staff and coders for the shard.


Seers have the abilities of a Game master, and use their creative abilities to to add additional content to Alexandria and conduct special events. (see: Confusion Dungeon)

  • There are currently no active Seers

Game Masters

A Game Master's (or GM's) primary role is support, but they will enhance the shard in their downtime.


These guys are trusted individuals who live to help players out.counselors will occasionally act as guides during special events.

  • There are currenlty no active counselors


How to Become Staff

Alexandria does not recruit by request. If you want to be on the staff, you need to be active on the EasyUO boards for a long time, and be well-known and respected. Anyone who pages in-game with "Hi, can I be staff?" will either get anything from a brusque "No" to being completely ignored. You might think of this as the screening process - don't take it personally.

If any scripters would like to contribute to Alexandria, they may submit code patches to the staff for inspection, which may lead to that code making it to the live server. Staff are always looking for improvements to the shard, but please understand that not all submitted patches will make it to the live server; What the staff do here is a bit like museum curation, only allowing quality content in and making sure everything fits the "feel" of the shard. Code submissions should be PM'd to WarLocke, and should be based on the current RunUO svn.