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menu Check {name} {x} {y} {width} {height} {checked} {text}


The menu Check command creates a checkbox on the EasyUO menu.

Name can be any valid EasyUO Name.

X, Y, width, and height are given in pixels.

Checked is either #true or #false.

Text is any descriptive text that will be placed in a label to the right of the actual text box.


; Creates a check box at 75 75, with a size of 60 10.
; The #false sets it to unchecked and Loot? is the label.

menu check Lootchk 75 75 60 10 #false Loot?

; To find if its checked or not

menu get Lootchk
set %loot #menures

; This sets %loot to #false if unchecked
; or #true if checked.

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