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| 30,000 || Ascendant
| 30,000 || Ascendant

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The are only available through the Order/Chaos System. Only an order or chaos member may eqquip such items. Items cannot be crafted with resource properties, however can be enhanced after they are created.


  • Hammer Pick, Mace, War Axe, Butcher Knife, Hatchet, Katana
  • Bone Harvester, Cleaver,
  • Assassins Spike, Leaf Blade, Bokuto
  • Composite Bow, Magical Shortbow, Heavy Crossbow


  • Male leather - cap, arms, leggings, tunic, gorget, gloves
  • Leather Mempo, Leather Hiro Sode, Leather Do, Leather Suneate, Ninja Hood
  • Order/Chaos Shield


  • Ring
  • Bracelet

Creating Levelable Items

  • First, purchase an OC Levelable Item Deed from your stronghold Arms Master.
  • Next, obtain one of many OC Monster Resources by slaying opposing monsters
  • Bag up the deed and resource in a container (backpack works fine, you can purchase from any tanner) and hand it in
  • The Arms Master will get confused if you have too many deeds/resources in the container, so only 1 of each will work

OC Resources for crafting Levelable Items
Resource # of Props Starting Prop Intensity
Darkwood 3-5 20-40%
Runestone 4-5 30-40%
Veritium 4-6 35-40%

  • Depending on the resource theme, the properties have a higher chance of being selected as they pertain to certain generic templates. For example, a warrior/dexxer type theme will have a higher chance of rolling properties such as damage increase, dex bonus, etc. A hybrid Warrior type theme will have a mixture of warrior properties along with some of the more desirable ones that would help with mana consumption.

Themes for crafting Levelable Items
Theme Favored Template
Strength Dexxer/Warrior
Sorcery Mage
Deception Rogue
Power Hybrid Type Warrior
Divinity Hybrid Type Mage

Leveling the item

Each item can have a maximum level of 6. Each level increases existing properties by 5-10%. To level an item, simply choose the selection on the OC Arms Master. Each level has it's own set of requirements:

Credit/Rank Progression
Level Credits Rank Requirement
1 5,000 None
2 10,000 Shield Bearer
3 15,000 Warrior
4 20,000 Officer
5 25,000 Warlord
6 30,000 Ascendant