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Instanced Theft System (ITS)

ITS is one of the features on the Alexandria free shard. This unique free shard addition allows characters to use their rogue skills to steal from certain monsters. If your character is a stealth thief s/he can remain hidden while stealing from high fame monsters. Occasionally, an unlucky steal or an attempt to grab something too heavy given a certain stealing skill will result in spawning a Rogue Hunter. The Rogue Hunter adds risk to ITS. If you're in for a challenge, try to kill the Rogue Hunter, but don't feel shameful if you choose to run because they even see you when you're hidden.
WarLocke's, the creater of ITS, description of ITS's details.

Snicker7 wrote a helpful page containing information on how luck affects ITS.
"snicker7's Treatise on the RunUO Loot and Luck System"

ITS Artifacts

The following three items are the 3 original wearable artifacts out of the 39 total available via the ITS system. For the newer ITS Items, see the ITS Section of Alexandria Items below.

Original Wearables

Rogue's Silk  ·  Windlash  ·  Schala

New Wearables

Apothecary's Dagger  ·  Apprentice's Smock  ·  Band of Torment  ·  Bloodsoaked Leggings  ·  Immovable Treads  ·  Mac's Knife  ·  Sacrificial Shivs  ·  Shadowbound Talisman  ·  Shadowmaster's Signet Ring  ·  Soulcaller Ring  ·  Thief's Signet Ring