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To play, purchase a yahtzee dice/cup from any NPC that sells the other games, ie provisioners, etc. Yahtzee supports 1, 2, 3 or 4 person games. To join a game, you simply double click the dice and cup and follow the prompt to join. Once the correct amount of players have joined, the game will begin. Each player will be given a yahtzee score card, in which you can double click to get the yahtzee scorecard gump. To access the game setup menu, use the dice and cup context menu. From the menu, you can adjust the amount of players as well as how to determine the roll order.

Roll Order

  • As Is - the roll order for the game depends on the order in which the players joined the game
  • Random - the roll order is chosen randomly
  • Roll - Each player rolls, and the order is determined by the highest to lowest

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