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A Call to Castle Britain

Captain Stonefist addresses the troops

A call to arms was sounded across the realm, echoing even to other facets of reality. Captain Stonefist was in need of help investigating the appearance and teaching of The Shepherd in Serpents Hold.

File:Image Needed.png
Obsidian Peacekeeper
A black mace
Spell Channeling
Hit Fire Area 100%
Hit Poison Area 100%
Hit Chance Increase 25%
Defense Chance Increase 25%
Faster Casting 2
Damage Increase 75%

Standing atop the royal dais he addressed those who answered the call. Those who looked extra closely at Captain Stonefist would notice that he was holding a very mighty weapon; the Obsidian Peacekeeper!

Captain Stonefist: I see your numbers have grown!
We have been keeping an eye on the "Shepherd" since his appearance last week.  It appears he is slated to speak again tonight. And, I am sad to say, he has been gaining supporters.

The followers, townsfolk of Serpents Hold, wrap themselves in red shrouds and speak as if they have lost their minds.  So far they have been peaceful, though I fear they may soon turn to violence.


I would not ask you to slay your friends, thos you do business with, but soon we may come to that point.

<Captain Stonefist walks slowly to the center of the throneroom.>

The Shepherd will likely be in Serpents hold to preach momentarily.

<Captain Stonefist opens a moongate to Serpents Hold>

The Shepherds Sermon

Upon stepping through the moongate, the Britanian defenders were met with the Shepherd who was walking to his next sermon, urging them to attend.

Assault on the Shrine of Valor