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More of an NPC, thief targets are whom a thief is tasked to steal. The thief targets difficulty, or alertness is directly related to the thieves prestige. Additionally, their perception, or distance from which they may spot a thief, is increased with difficulty. As with the [Assassin Guild|Assassins Guild], a higher rated target will yield greater rewards, and greater chances for artifacts. Each tasking will require the thief to steal a specific item from the target. Along with that item, Thieves will notice additional items in their backpack that is available to steal. Keep in mind, with a successful steal, will increase the targets alertness, so prioritize the items you'd like to steal.

Upon being caught, the thief will be known as a thief in that region for a period of time. There is a 50% chance that the thief will be flagged criminal and be attacked by a Thief Hunter, a 10% chance that the thief is knocked unconscious, and a 40% chance of being guard whacked. Don't get caught!