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Sea Champion Schematic

The Sea Champion Schematics spawn off the unique boss, "Cthulhu".

Schematics have a chance to drop off the current Champion of the Champion Spawn.

Schematics are Champion specific so only certain schematics drop off certain Champions.

The Sea Champion Schematic in the rawest form appears to be an open book colored purple-green.

All Schematics are in the rawest form are cursed and appear on the corpse of the Champion.

All Schematics require certain special ingredients to create the schematic, the ingredient usually hints at the creature it spawns from.

Collective Bonuses shown are to be ignored. They are already added into the attributes shown in white.

Beast Scales

Beast Scale Pavise

Warblade Of R'lyeh

The two items above DO NOT spawn as books but with the values and characteristics seen here. Both items are needed to craft the Dream Shank of Vhoorl and once crafted both items are destroyed.

Dream Shank Of Vhoorl

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