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This system serves 2 functions. First, arena team are established and all stats in regards to duels and tournaments are kept track of. In order to fight in one of the arena's, you must be a member of a registered team. All system functions can be carried out by double clicking one of the arena stones or the arena keeper NPC.


as of 3/14/2012 there are 2 functioning arena's

  • Khaldun Arena - Located just south of the T2A Khaldun enterance (T2A side) in Felucca.

  • Haven Arena - Located on the Eastern side of Haven Island, in Trammel.

Arena Teams

  • 3 Types - Single, Twosome and Foursome
  • A character can only join one of each type of team
  • Each team must have a unique name (uses profanity filter)
  • Stats Recorded: Arena Wins, losses, Draws, Tournament Wins, Score, Tournament losses, Tournament championships
  • 'myteams will display the MyTeams gump, also accessable through the arena stone menu
  • Score is tallied based on wins/losses/championships for later use (suggestions?)

Arena Fight(duels)

  • Fights are registered using the system menu via the arena stone or arena keeper
  • Must be like team types, ie Single vs Single, Foursome vs Foursome etc.
  • All members of both the challening team and team being challenged must be in a reasonable distance to the arena keeper
  • Challenger can establish Duration of fight(not to exceed 30 mins), Team type, Rules and Wager
  • The team leader of the challenged team will have a gump displayed to him with the above selections. He/she can then accept or decline the challenge.

Fight Rules

  • No Consumables - anything you can eat, drink, etc. This includes orange petals, potions, etc.
  • No Precasting - no casting any type of spell prior to the wall dropping
  • No Weapon Specials - No Primary/Secondary weapon abilities
  • No Summons - Any summonable creatures
  • Pure Mage - No complimentary casting, ie necro, chiv, ninjitsu, bushido, spellweaving
  • Pure Dexxer - No casting any type of spell
  • Allow Mounts - Players can use mount (once dismounted or dead, mount is ejected)
  • Allow resurrecting - players can resurrect their teammates if they die
  • Allow Ties - Self explanatory
  • No Area Spells - No spells such as meteor swarm, wither, etc.


The challenging team can wage an item or gold prior to issuing the challenge. The team leader of the challenged team must have the same type of item and amount (ie, Bank Check for 50k, etc) in their backpack to accept the challenge. The winning team leader will recieve both the waged item, and the challenged teams item in his bank box. In the event of a tie (if ties allowed), the waged items will be moved to the respective team leaders bank box.

Fight Types

  • Single Elimination - Standard fight, whoever wins, wins the fight!
  • Double Elimination - Fighting teams will fight consecutive best of 3 fights.
  • Last Man Standing - Any team in the immediate area of the arena keeper will be asked to joing the last man standing fight. Those who accept (minimum of 3) will participate. The lone team alive is the victor. Only single fight teams are eligable for this type of fight.

Tie Breakers

When the time runs out, obviously the arena fight ends in a tie. The following, in order, decides the winner in the even 'no ties' is set as a rule. Tie breakers also apply to tournament fights.

  • Whoever has the most players alive when the fight ends
  • whichever team did the most damage during the fight
  • if still tied, a random team is picked


Players and/or staff can register tournaments via the system menu. The tournament creator can be flexible with many of the options listed above for an area fight:

  • Team type(size)
  • Fight duration
  • Minimum participants
  • Maximum participants
  • Rules
  • Champion Prize
  • Runner Up Prize
  • Tournament Start Time - limited to 1 tournament per 24 hours, must start at least 7 days and no more than 180 days from registration

Tournament Mechanics

A bulletin board will be displayed near the arena's where players can view up and coming tournaments. All tournament options will be displayed so teams can decide whether or not to join. If a team enters, members will recieve a 72 hour then a 24 hour reminder via chat PM. Once the tournament starts, all teams are expected to show up and be near the arena. If a team is called to fight and they are not present, they will forfeit and be disqualified. In the event a new round begins with an odd number of participants, a wild card will be chosen (see below). Types of touraments:

  • Single Elimination - Standard, whoever wins the fight eliminates their opponent from the tournament.
  • Double Elimination - Fighting teams will do best out of 3, consecutive fights.
  • Bracketed - Losers from round 1 will figh eachother in round two. Remaining participants will then be merged with winners of round 1 for round 3. The remainder of the tournament will be like a standard single elimination.

Winners Pot Breakdown

  • 50% Tournament Winner
  • 25% Tournament Runner Up
  • 25% Tournament Creator (if not a GM made tournament)
  • Tournament Pot = Entry Fees + Sponsor Pot


  • In the event that a tournament starts with an odd number of participants, a wildcard team will be chosen for the last fight of the first round.
  • In the event that a new round will start with an odd amount of participants, a wild card team will be chosen from the previous round
  • The wildcard team picked will be a previous losing team with the highest amount of damage done during their losing fight. So, if you belong to a losing team, stick around, you may get lucky!